Bahrain 'may be cancelled' !!!

F1 supremo has announced that the 2011 season opening Grand Prix in Bahrain may be cancelled! This decision has been made due to the unrest in the country over the last week. The 80 year old F1 supremo has said he will make a decision early next week. He told the BBC "If things stay as they are today, the answer is no. If it's not quietened down by Wednesday, I think we will have to cancel probably." This would then make the Australian GP in Melbourne on the 25 - 27th of March the first GP of the season. The riots in Bahrain are so bad that this weekends GP2 Asia Grand Prix has been cancelled after the amount of unrest in that part of the country. The GP" teams are now worrying how they are going to get themselves and their equipment out of the country safely. Also, if the Bahrain GP is cancelled, that means that the final test in Bahrain (3-6th of March) will also be cancelled meaning that the test this week in Barcelona (18th-22nd of March) will be the final test of 2011!!


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