Kubica condition update...

Renault officials have reported a massive improvment in the pole's condition today after the 26 year old had a significant accident early yesterday. After spending the night under constant observation, he was briefly woken up by the doctors of the Santa Corona Hospital  this morning. The Lotus Renault GP driver was then able to talk to his relatives. He was also able to move his fingers, which is encouraging for the rest of his recovery process.
Professor Mario Igor Rossello, Director for the Regional Centre of Hand Surgery at San Paolo Hospital in Savona, did not notice any swelling or infection on his right forearm, and this is another good sign, although it will be several days before it is known if the operation has been 100% successful. And to avoid any physical stress, doctors have put Robetr under gentle medication to make him sleep for the next 24 hours at least. While he is under the medication, Doctors will decide a plan of action on how to treat his other frctures

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