Kubica is getting better!!!

Renault (Renault-Louts) F1 driver Robert Kubica is on the road to recovery after his horrific crash earlier this month. He has now left the intensive care unit at the Santa Corona Hospital, and has now bee sent to the rehabilitation department as he is continuing to get better.  His doctors have announced that considering what he has been through his condition is remarkably good and is very positive. He can move all of his fingers slightly, and has a bit of sensitivity already. Even though the Polish driver is on the road to improvement, he still needs to remain in hospital for at least another 2 weeks (reports say it will probably be longer). The doctors say the want to monitor his condition, and that is why they wish to keep him in. During this time there is still a chance of infection and other complications so he will have the dressing on his hand changed every few days. After the 2 weeks he will be assessed to see what the next move will be. Kubica is expected to miss the whole 2011 F1 season, his replacement will be Nick Heidfeld, Kubica’s former team mate.

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