McLaren say they're updates may make the car a whole second quicker!

McLaren have announced that their updates for Melbourne may bring a whole second to the pace of the car. They say “The changes are intended to deliver more than one second in performance,We hope the risks we have taken pay off and that we’re competitive." However, it is not known whether the MP4-26 will run all of their updates in Australia, due to the lack of development. Also it is not yet known if the updates will work, as the British based teams have not tested the the updates on the track. Whitmarsh says “The exhaust systems have become quite a lot more extreme on a lot of the cars, I think we in particular had very extreme solutions but, in my opinion, they weren’t delivering sufficient benefits for their complexities.” He summed up that more should be expected of McLaren’s exhausts: “The car isn't a bad car, I just think we need to unlock the exhaust-blowing potential.

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