Teams announce they will 'Back FOM'

The formula 1 teams have announced that they will back the FOM (Formula One Management) decision on whether the first race of 2001 in Bahrain will be cancelled. As the race is schedueled for the 13th of March, due to a recent uprise in rioting in the contry, the GP2 race which was meant to be last weekend had to be canceled. Now the FOM are deciding on whether the testing and season opening race in Bahrain should go ahed. Red Bull principal Christian Horner said  "It's obviously a really difficult situation in Bahrain, but we have complete trust in Bernie, FOM and the FIA to make the right decision. They will only send us there if it is safe." He added "It would be a great shame to lose the race, but it's not the teams' decision - it's down to the promoter. Bernie and the FIA will have much more information than us and we will trust their decisions."

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