Williams prdeict that they will be..

Williams have predicted that they should be competitive this year. They announced this during their new livery unveiling earlier today. The British team finished 6th overall last year, and they say their unique rear design of their FW33 should give them the advantage that they need. They said that their testing times have been good and if they keep up with their updates, they should be on the road to success. All teams this year have had to re-think their car designs, and Williams have said that the new regulations have suited them. Amongst the new regulations is the ban on the f-duct, movable front wing and double diffuser, while the KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) has been brought back. Also, the movable rear wing is a new system, this allows the drivers to push a button on a straight and make the rear wing flat. Williams say that their design suites all of these regulations. A Williams spokesman told BBC "Teams have had to take much bigger risks [this year]" Also he said "There's the Williams gearbox, the Red Bull exhaust system and the way it blows the diffuser, the Renault [forward-facing] exhaust system and the way it blows the front of the diffuser and the Toro Rosso double floor. Those four things are the ones that stand out."

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